DIY Easy Candle Diffuser to Transform your House into a Spa - with Paradise Springs Essential Oils

It is always spa time somewhere! 

Don't put it off another day, treat yourself to some self-care. You deserve it! But sometimes it is just too expensive or too complicated to try to find the perfect spa, select the treatments you want, book your appointment, and get yourself there. On some days, we all need a simple way to relax at home.

One of the easiest ways to transform your home into a relaxing spa environment is to diffuse your favorite essential oil into the air. Smell is one of the strongest memory simulators. Just a light mist of lavender or eucalyptus can transport you to a less stressed space. 

For something a little different and oh-so-easy, instead of using a store-bought diffuser, simply release a few drops into the cradle at the top of a candle. This will give you the added benefit of enjoying a romantic candle-lit room while taking in the beautiful aroma of your favorite essential oil.

What you'll need:


Other tips: Have a few essential oil favorites? Try more than one candle with a couple of different oils.

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